India UAE CEPA Tariff Reference Tool

August 2022

Easily Find CEPA Duty Rates With This tool

In order to make things simpler for our customers, we at Cargoline have developed a dynamic reference search tool to help quickly find custom duties for commodities.

cepa inst01

Understanding the table output

The year progression (starting from 2022) illustrates that % value of custom duties across commodities

The offer details are as follows:

Offer Description Details
A Day 1 access CEPA starts with duty
C Access at year 5 Duty upto 5 years
E Access at year 10 Duty upto 10 years
G Prohibited product Cannot be imported to UAE
F Excluded Do not fall under CEPA
H Special goods Requires special approval before import
TR Tariff Reduction Duty exemptions

INDIA-UAE CEPA Reference Tool

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For more information you can read our article on India-UAE CEPA benefits for your business.

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