Freight Forwarding in Dubai & the rest of UAE is a highly specialized and regulated industry. In order to successfully fulfil your logistics requirements, you need a freight forwarding company that is well aware of the local laws, legal customs and has a strong network in all major regulatory bodies like Dubai Customs, Ministry of Climate Control & Ministry of Foreign Affairs (amongst others)

Cargoline has been offering solutions for freight forwarding in Dubai since 2004. With long term reputable clients (such as National Paints, Global Lubricant Industry, Memon Abdul Aziz Trading Co) and newer businesses looking for our logistics solutions, we are a preferred partner due to our dedication in optimizing your costs whilst maintaining a high level of service.

How do we optimize your freight forwarding costs?

Costs savings are of two types – monetary & time. From the monetary lens we ensure our offer is fair priced and  in-line with the complexity of your project. We are able to save you time by providing critical  insights on import prerequisites coupled with our ability to gain quick approvals & clearance from authorities. Imports usually get delayed due to mis-communication of import requirements   which translate into delayed approvals by the corresponding controlling authorities .  With these skills we ensure that there are no last minute surprises.

Cargoline Freight Forwarding Services in Dubai

From hazardous goods to delicate garments, we offer a wide range of forwarding services from Dubai. We can ship your goods anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter how big or small your shipment is, we will deliver to your specific destination hassle free and on time.

As part of our freight forwarding services, you can count on us for: 

  • Air freight  Exports
  • Sea/Ocean freight Exports
  • Inland Containerized and Loose Cargo Transportation
  • RORO
  • Movements using TIR, ATA Carnet 
  • Project Cargo
  • Exhibition Cargo


Cargoline has the utmost respect for your commitments. If there is a job that cannot be done, we will be upfront about this information and refer other partners who would be more suitable to meet your requirements.

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